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Would you like to become a Lyme Light sponsor?  Sponsorship packages are described below. Please email questions to lymecommunityfoundation@gmail.com

Individual Sponsorship: $5.00 includes mailing a copy of the Lyme Light newsletter to your home (12 months), including special color print editions. This is a great service to individuals who spend the winter out of the area, but would like to keep up on Lyme events during the winter.

Business/Organization Sponsorship: 1/8th page: $25 each issue;  1/4 page: $50 each issue;  1/2 page: $100 each issue;   Full Page: $200 each issue

NOTE: We can include your business name, logo, address, contact information and a description of what your business provides.
We cannot endorse, compare businesses, include price information, or other indications of savings or value, or inducements to purchase, sell, or use the products or services. We can accept sponsorship, but cannot acknowledge sponsors promoting financial, insurance or travel products, in the print edition of the Lyme Light. 

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Northern New York Community Foundation
Chaumont Wine & Spirits
Darren Hilts Lawn Care
North Shore Solutions
Cresent Gutter Works
Wimpy's Ice Cream
Allen's Florist and Pottery Shop
Lake Ontario Realty
Valley Peetza
Bay Breeze Golf Links
Chaumont Hardware

The newsletters are downloadable PDF's. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.