Neighbor to Neighbor

February 5, 2018

Photo by Gary Walts        

Village life comes with neighbors. In winter their good deeds are more evident by virtue of pay-it-forward driveway and sidewalk clearing.


You might notice this more if you walk your dog, because if your dog is small enough, that snowbank might as well be Everest. Some neighbors clear their driveway, then keep going and clear their own sidewalk. Some keep on clearing down the street, and around the block. All of this is greatly appreciated by the dog walkers. 


I don't own a snowblower, and even if I did it would be hard to use owing to a bad back. I make do with shoveling my short driveway by hand. Twice this year, as I shoveled neighbors have pitched in with their snowblowers. Once a neighbor cleared the whole thing with a tractor. These helpful efforts by neighbors really makes a difference. 


Thanks neighbor!



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